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Dark Octopus Studios
Handcrafted Leather Accessories, Coaching & Education

After DARQ Night Fetish Markets

Captain Lurkmore will represent Dark Octopus Studios at After DARQ Night Fetish Markets at Club Fusion on Friday 18th October.

DARQ Markets will be the first time the Dark Octopus range of quality BDSM accoutrements will be on display and available for purchase by the public. Drop by and try on a pair of Lurkmore’s Shackles, handle the delightfully intimidating Kraken, take a swing of Lurkmore’s Lash, pick through the collection of Urchin’s Spine Canes, and check out the Captain’s new range of elegant leather collars and fetish fashion.

In addition to the Captain’s handcrafted range, you will be able to pick up other essentials including Viraclean, Wartenberg pinwheels, clover clamps, and high quality silicon breathable ball gags.

The Captain will have a limited stock of most products available for purchase on the day. For custom fitting or items not in stock, you will be able to place your order and take advantage of our special DARQ Markets special to have your item shipped to you free of charge.

Announcing “The Naughty Chair”

Exclusively for DARQ Markets we will auction the one-of-a-kind Naughty Chair. This lovingly restored antique throne is the perfect addition to your dungeon. It holds many secrets and its use is limited only by your imagination and depravity. Bring your submissive to try it out.

Find out more about the markets and secure your ticket here.