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Dark Octopus Studios
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DARQ Circus

The Captain and his bag of tricks put in an appearance upstairs at DARQ Circus this weekend. Although officially acting as escort for five delightful play-party virgins, Lurkmore nevertheless managed to field test the latest product from Dark Octopus Studios: a matched pair of articulated floggers with sheepskin leather falls. They performed as expected on all test subjects, which suggests they should become available from the Workshop Catalog in the not too distant future.

It was a fun night, highlighted by a superb Shibari performance by Blazee and WhiskeyKisses. Lurkmore’s Lasses shed their inhibitions at the door, boldly venturing beyond their comfort zones to experience new situations and sensations.

To the disappointed young lady who requested I administer her first ever flogging, but then missed out because I was attending to the welfare of one of my charges: I invite you to skip the queue when next you see me at work.??

Captain Lurkmore