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2019 Sensual Ball

Sydney – June 9, 2019

Ball Gag With Clamps

Captain Lurkmore made his first public appearance for 2019 at the annual Sensual Ball. The Captain appeared fully recovered from the battle wound that forced his earlier seclusion, so expect to find him at more events throughout the year.

As a friend of House of Chain, The Captain worked the dungeon introducing curious kinksters to sensual impact play. The Captain’s charm and delicious implements of sensation proved irresistible to many a fair maiden, who soon found themselves strapped to a frame, trembling with pleasure under the Captain’s artful hand.

Just got home and inspecting each other’s marks of enjoyment. It was such a privilege to be in your hands and know there was such trust there. We had a good time with the BDSM scenes. Hope to cross paths again when we are next in Sydney

Satisfied @ Sensual Ball

Visitors to the dungeon also witnessed a breathtaking bullwhip performance by Angel, mistress & proprietor of the House of Chain. After warming up by wielding two single tail whips against the backs of a few brave volunteers suspended from the gallows, Angel demonstrated devastating accuracy by cracking her terrifying bullwhip against the nipples of one particularly brave submissive.