Urchin’s Spine Cane


Centuries ago, The Captain favoured the spines of giant sea urchins found only in the deepest ocean trenches for maintaining discipline. These mysterious creatures may now be extinct, but the aesthetic endures with Dark Octopus Studios’ Urchin’s Spine Cane. This slender black lacquered cane is fashioned from natural bamboo with an elegantly bound grip. The subtle natural imperfections of the bamboo create a sensually organic texture, and the sound it makes as it cuts through the air strikes fear into the submissive’s heart. Note that this cane is intended for light correctional use only – the type of gentle love tap that says “I care about you and know you will do better in future”. This makes it ideal for beginners, but note that it will break on impact with hard objects or if wielded with too much force.

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Black lacquered bamboo cane with polyester braided handle. Note that some variation in regularity and shape is normal due to the organic nature of the raw materials used.


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Colour Scheme

Black wood, Red cord


Bamboo, Polyester cord